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from 100 €
SEO optimization for search queries for a business card website

from 250 €

Business card website with administration of all sections and a standard site layout from a set of color schemes and templates.

from 350 €

Business card website of three pages: "About us", "Services", "Contact".
Very functional, design solutions, with the administration of the Services section.

From 3600 €
Development of the autocenter portal: design, structure, connection to supplier databases, automation of discounts and promotions from suppliers, automatic updating and synchronization of databases.
Levels of access to the portal management, the ability to multiply the language environment.
From 35 €
Analysis of user actions on the landing page connected to the systems. This can help your marketers determine the success of an advertising campaign.
From 150 €
Design, layout and landing page (marketing research is not included)
without content administration

From 270 €
Creating a page with the ability to administer content, edit photos and unique trade offers.
From 150 €
Introduction of an administration system for a business card website
From 200 €
Adjustment of administration for any module of your site from the mobile device
From 500 €

Installation of an administration system for a standard online store.

From 150 €

Creating a news page based on a news module with a template design and with the ability to connect a file upload gallery. Adaptive layout. Independent content administration.

From 1800 €

Creating a news blog linked to social. network (without the need for duplicate content) in the original design with the ability to add news and download video and photo content with comments from authorized users. Mobile and desktop layout.

From 4500 €
Creation of a full-fledged regional / city level news portal with bulletin boards, forum, authorization, personal account. Various levels are being introduced - user, moderator, administrator.
Implementation of the ad unit and automate the process of invoicing customers, connect to social. networks, etc. The complexity and the device is almost unlimited.
From 20 € / week
Maintain your advertising campaign in search engines Google or Yandex.
From 100 €
Creating and setting up an advertising campaign in Google.Adwords or Yandex.Direct
0 €
Report on the advertising campaign with statistics and graphs
From 20 € / hour
Any additional work on the development of proposals for the content or structure of the site
From 160 €
Basic SEO analysis of sites by content, structure and statistics.

From 320 €

Analysis and statistics on online shopping.

From 10 €
Creating articles for content. Filling sites and online stores with content and goods.

From 120 €
Basic site optimization. For corporate portals - a separate price offer.
From 240 €
Full verification of the site's SEO, making changes and performing all the actions necessary for indexing in search engines
From 20 € / hour
Advising on the promotion in social networks. Only practice and no theory.
From 20 € / week
Doing an advertising campaign in one of the social networks - Facebook or Vkontakte.
From 100 €
The minimum test budget for an advertising company.
From 30 €
Training on filling the online store and the correct preparation of snippets (headers and descriptions for the goods).
From 150 €
Development of non-standard design solutions for the main page with partial content administration. The rest of the pages are standard.
From 580 €
Standard solution with security settings, connecting PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or Maksekeskus payment module and connecting delivery module for one mail service.
From 1200 €
Online store with individual design and the introduction of custom settings for management, payments and delivery
From 2500 €
​​​​Online store with an individual design and a special emphasis on speed and controllability for goods exceeding 20,000 (more than 512 thousand files).

From 5000 €

Any your wishes.

From 80 €
Setting up payment modules for Opencart and Prestashop
From 0.1 € / product
Download data to the online store. The cost can vary greatly depending on the source data.
From 150 €
Parsing data from online stores (any stores, catalogs and databases)
From 280 €

Mixing data from different parsers into one format (for example, csv) for downloading.

From 0 € / month
Fee for monthly use of Florence 2.
From 20 € / hour
Individual program settings or the creation of unique modules.

From 85 €

Installing Florence 2.0 on the hosting client or our hosting.

From 25 € / hour
Training on the use.
From 250 €
Connecting the module for the head of the company to monitor the progress of services
From 800 €
Installation on client hosting / server
From 20 € / per hour

Additional consultations on the program

From 34 € / month
​​​​The cost of the most common package of Business

0 €

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How we are working?
About Us…
​​​​We value clients. 

Especially we appreciate the PERMANENT CLIENTS

The main criteria for our development:
safety, speed, adaptability.
Security of a website or online store is the most important factor of confidentiality and successful development. Not a single hacked site or store over the years.
The speed of uploading a website or online store is a major factor in promoting a resource in a competitive web environment.
We recommend always checking how your resource is displayed on various devices. Sites, portals, online stores - are required to display correctly on a smartphone or laptop.
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