Advertising in social networks

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Attract potential customers with targeted ads on the most popular social networks!

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From 20 € / hour
Advising on the promotion in social networks. Only practice and no theory.
From 20 € / week
Doing an advertising campaign in one of the social networks - Facebook or Vkontakte.
From 100 €
The minimum test budget for an advertising company.

Social networks - one of the most popular ways of spending leisure time on the Internet. A huge number of people spend a lot of time on social networks, both at home and on the road, at school or at work. To miss such a source of potential customers, besides already divided into audiences by interests, is not a good idea. Owners of such resources are well aware of this, and they are going to meet advertisers. They are integrated into social networks tools for creating and displaying various advertisements. We provide services for the creation, placement and management of advertising campaigns in social networks, working with audiences who are interested in your offer.