Alfatom. Contracts and service

The introduction of Alfatom led to a reduction in staff by 35%!

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From 25 € / hour
Training on the use.
From 250 €
Connecting the module for the head of the company to monitor the progress of services
From 800 €
Installation on client hosting / server

Online service for enterprises, developed and implemented by our firm Multiweb OÜ, engaged in regular / application service and operation of gas and boiler equipment for their customers on the basis of model contracts. An operator interface has been created in the desktop version and an employee interface in the format of a functional application. 

Ability to download service forms from the phone, view assigned tasks, access the technical database. In the system of contracts, a system of several objects for one owner was designed, assignment of different prices for services, filling in the data on equipment serviced with the addition of files with schemes. Adjust the frequency of service and equipment characteristics. In a concrete variant, the time record of workers for work at various sites is also implemented, which allows a better understanding of the employee's employment at the facilities and servicing