Contextual advertising

Quickly and effectively attract new customers and buyers!

The only advertising that you can calculate and understand the cost of attracting customers for your service or product

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From 20 € / week
Maintain your advertising campaign in search engines Google or Yandex.
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Creating and setting up an advertising campaign in Google.Adwords or Yandex.Direct
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Report on the advertising campaign with statistics and graphs

Contextual advertising - a unique type of advertising, acting only on the Internet. It is an excellent tool for acquaintance of the seller with the buyer, and allows you to find new customers and evaluate new audiences that may be interested in your product or service. In order for it to work, it requires not only the correct setting of Google. Adwords or Yandex. Direction, as well as the systematic work with advertising company. Indeed, much depends on how the company is set up, how it is managed and optimized. You just need to order an advertisement, and all this work is done by the specialists of the web studio Multiweb OÜ, with full access to reporting and work process.