Florence. Electronic document management system

Bill your customers - anywhere, anytime and with the right numbers!

Florence 2.0 was created for enterprises where the owner of the enterprise is usually a board member, a clerk, a general manager, and an estimator in the evenings and a little accountant at night. Basic installation - in just 30 minutes!

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Fee for monthly use of Florence 2.
From 20 € / hour
Individual program settings or the creation of unique modules.

From 85 €

Installing Florence 2.0 on the hosting client or our hosting.

We ourselves are a small company and understands business processes in such enterprises, the more they always have unique characteristics. Therefore:

• we understood that the program should be simple;
• 24-hour online access is required;
• order is necessary in the numbering of accounts;
• it is important to create the possibility of compiling an account and sending it to the mail from one source;
• pay special attention to safety;
• provide options for placing the program in order to avoid data leakage - we have each program individually;
• implement a system of double encryption and emergency removal Florence;
• simple installation on the place specified by the customer (own server, cloud, computer);

Modularity and the lack of a single cloud storage allows us to customize the program and modify it to fit your requirements for Florence 2.0