Search engine optimization

Make your website 100% successful, efficient and user friendly.

Website promotion, promotion of it in search results. The introduction of various techniques and improvements in the structure of the site.

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From 10 €
Creating articles for content. Filling sites and online stores with content and goods.

From 120 €
Basic site optimization. For corporate portals - a separate price offer.
From 240 €
Full verification of the site's SEO, making changes and performing all the actions necessary for indexing in search engines

Search engine optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - a set of actions associated with the work on the site. The result of which directly affects the performance of the site: an increase in the attendance of your resource, meeting the expectations of visitors and the requirements of search engines, attracting more visitors who can and should become your customers in the future and much more. To achieve these goals, it is necessary that your site was as high as possible in issuing search engines for search queries related to the theme of the site, and also fully met the expectations and requirements of people who visited it.

SEO features:
Long term. A noticeable visible result will be obtained in 1-3 months after making changes. And the process of SEO-optimization is not a quick matter, only the effect will be much longer.

Permanent action. The effect of SEO can be compared with the effect of advertising companies. Here it is only worth running out of the budget allocated for advertising, how everything returns to normal. And SEO optimization done once - continues to work.

Visibility of the result and constant optimization. The effectiveness of the work carried out can always be estimated using the tools of statistics of your site. And based on this data, you can make changes at any time, aimed at improvement.

Extensive customization options. The SEO process allows you to customize your site to your desired audience and much more.